What’s the deal with healing crystals?

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In recent years, demand for healing crystals has surged. Healing crystals date back thousand years as  they were used by Romans to attract health and fortune. Pharaohs used cylinders filled with quartz to  balance the ba and ka energies of
the body. In many ancient cultures, royalty was represented by the
colors blue ; Cleopatra used lapis lazuli stones to bring enlightenment and awareness.

Healing crystal rings

 What’s the deal with healing crystals ?

Lately , crystal healing has seen an upsurge in popularity. Crystals have been around longer than any of us which is the reason they are believed to have the energy of the world in them. Makes sense?

” Gemstones have a beauty unlike anything else because they allow light inside and refract it.” Says Jewelry design company owner David Yurman.
I love vivid flamboyant colors ,so  it’s no surprise that Instagram posts from crystal shops would make me more curious.
I’d spend hours contemplating the beauty of their forms. I was skeptical at first because a crystal is rock and a rock is not
a living being ! Also healing with crystals is not backed by scientific evidence. After reading lots of posts on the issue I
was convinced that they might improve my mood if I believe in them. Still, I had a lot of unanswered questions so I
consulted the fabulous Emma Xu who cured ADD ( Attention Deficit Disorder ) with crystals.

 The difference between gemstones and crystals

There’s a difference between gemstones and crystals ; gemstones are rare, expensive and long-lasting while crystals
are more commonly seen in daily life. Moreover, gemstones often refer to the stones that are cut, faceted and polished  and ready to be carved in jewelry. Crystals on the other hand, can be used as raw stone or faceted. But I have to say that their definitions somehow overlap. Some crystallized stones such as sapphire are expensive, durable and are always
considered to be in the gemstone genre. Whereas gemstones like diamond are just rocks, not crystallized minerals.

Each type of minerals, no matter it’s gemstone or crystal, has its own healing properties depending on its formation or history behind it.

In order to benefit from crystals and gemstones, Emma recommends following these steps:

  1. Be clear of one’s own intention.
  2. Get the right stone based of the intention.
  3. Cleanse and connect to the stone.
  4. Meditate with the stone on daily basis.


Natural crystals are not to be confused with man made ones.  According to Preston Reuther ” Man-made stones are
 merely altered versions of the real thing.  In other words, man had a hand in helping the process along.  As a rule, the
 altered stone is more attractive than the original; more perfect, but there is some debate as to whether it’s beneficial to our health and well-being”.
Take citrine as an example, it can be “grown” in lab with heat treatment on amethyst. The treatment will change the structure of the crystal and turn the amethyst into citrine. But with proper process, the quality of man-maid citrine is the same as the natural ones.



Amethyst Healing crystals

Since I don’t like having much stuff to care for and organize, I asked Emma about her recommendations for minimalists, she believes that it really depends on the client’s intention or goal.

But generally speaking she recommends clear quartz because it can be used to cleanse almost all other crystals.
And because of its transparency, it can easily be made into jewelry or decors that fit a minimalist aesthetic.
After I decided to give crystals a shot, I was left with two options : wearing them or using them as decorative objects.

Emma told me that for someone who hasn’t worked with healing crystals before, she would recommend wearing them as jewelry or simply put them in the pocket. The closer you are with the crystal, the more powerful it will be. And also because the magnetic field of human body is relatively smaller than that of a house, you usually just need a small piece to try if the crystal is right for you.

Here is a beginner guide to crystal healing.

Let me know if you have used healing stones before and if it worked for you or not !
Here is the list of shops I checked out that have a variety of crystals, gemstones as well as jewelry.
You can tell the reason  I haven’t ordered any items yet ! Haha !











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