Healthy life: 3 simple steps

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Once upon a time, there was nature and Man . Man used to live in harmony with nature : he used to enjoy the woods’ wilderness. Forests, rivers and oceans were what he called home. He used to live a healthy life : he was able to lift rocks, build massive castles and kill Lions and Tigers with a hunting knife. Then, came the time where things started to fall apart.

healthy life


Healthy life ?


Today our lives are more sophisticated than ever! We have the latest technology inventions in all phases of life and we are living a happy prosperous life! Wait a minute… is it really a prosperous life?

I doubt it.

One of the side-effects of technology is the Lack of physical activity which leads to health deterioration.

Numerous diseases have been uncovered and have affected humans in the twentieth century. Whilst lack of physical activity significantly contributes to the degradation of health, another aspect of the modern life affects us even more : the food you eat!

Food Safety

How safe is the food we eat? By safety, I mean how harmless the food is.

Farmers use many pesticides and genetically modified crops to produce high-quality safe plants which would increase productivity and minimize waste. Similar processes are carried out for livestock maintenance. The resultant crop or livestock is not a naturally grown food. The harmful chemicals stay in them and affect the consumer  in several ways. These chemicals harm our health but we only recognize their effects after a long period of time.

A report from the University of Washington lists the harmful side effects for persons who are exposed to pesticides:

Respiratory problems

Memory disorders

Skin conditions



Birth defects

Cancer and neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.


Few studies of people without known occupational exposures with a nationally representative sample showed increasing odds of ADD/ADHD for 8-15 year olds.

Protect yourself from harmful diseases

 How to prevent these diseases?

Here are few steps I suggest you to follow:

  1. Only buy organic products : Organic foods are naturally grown food crops that does not contain harmful pesticides. Research studies have shown that they have the least amount of side – effects. By giving organic food to children, we are nurturing a healthy generation! Today we are seeing a boom in the availability of organic food. Try to verify that the food sold is 100% organic before you buy. Read the label of the product to understand the contents before buying it.
  2. Eat real fruits, nuts and salads, avoid processed food bottled juices and canned food : Nuts

    Making fruits and salads as part of your daily meal will increase your stamina and keep you energized.

    You will notice that, the more you eat raw organic food the more you feel lighter and fresher.

  3. Always prepare food at home 3 times a day, without going to that extravagant restaurant or ordering from your favorite takeaway.


It’s crucial to prepare meals at home in order to have a healthy life:

Always prepare your meal at home every day. We all know that homemade is home-made-lovingly. Nothing can compare to a lovingly made dessert or meal at home. When preparing food at home, we give our full attention and care so that it suits our body. Whereas outside food is prepared with business in mind. By preparing meal at home, you not only get good food for your body, but also save money ! You also get some physical activity, by cooking. Cooking is a stress relieving activity. By cooking, we also put our brain to work (by planning the meal and preparing it)

These three things are easy to follow, easy on your body and easy on your wallet too. In addition, it gives you a healthy life! Going organic is the best solution for us to survive in today’s world. I see no harm coming out of it. I hope you liked my suggestions and will follow them. Have a healthy day! And don’t forget to share your tips to lead a healthy life in the comment section below.

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