Skin ritual skin balm review

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I received the Skin ritual skin balm during summer. After reading the description, I decided to save it for winter because winter weather is harsh on skin. This balm hydrates, heals and soothes skin, it’s safe to use for children and babies as well. And you can apply it to your chapped lips, dry itchy, irritated skin or cracked heels and fingers.
Isn’t that wonderful? I mean, how amazing would it be to have a multi-purpose beauty product?

skin ritual skin balm




The brand


Skin ritual is a natural beauty brand  created by a women who decided to switch to clean beauty after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She realized that we have to be aware of the stuff we put on our bodies just like we care about what we eat. If you haven’t switched to green beauty yet, you can download my free guide to clean beauty and enjoy being part of the green community.


The packaging

I love the simple packaging that I find minimalist and useful. I also decided to keep it and reuse it for my homemade skin balm. Another thing I loved about this product is that it came with a thermal bag designed to keep products safe while traveling; makes me more excited to travel !!

The ingredients


Let me introduce the ingredients behind the amazing results.

skin ritual skin balm ingredients


The scent

The balm comes in the sweet mimosa scent which I absolutely love. But, hope they will come up with different scents because not everyone has the same taste. Since this product is packed with natural oils and has raw and pure cocoa butter I believe it’s safe to eat. It also has that incredibly great  smell which leads me to conclude that it’s one of the  yummiest lip balms I’ve ever used !

Reasons I love the skin ritual skin balm

I personally love multi-purpose products because they save money, space and time. So whenever I need to hydrate my lips ( I’m obsessed with taking care of my lips) or my skin after sugaring or after being exposed to cold, I simply head to my bathroom, open my small white cabinet where I store my favorite beauty products. I then apply some skin balm to the area I need to treat and smile confidently. Yay! the dryness/ irritation is about to disappear!


I’ve also used skin ritual’s natural deodorant which I also fell in love with. But, let’s save this talk for another day.

Happy holidays!





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